We are always excited to meet new patients and our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule when making an appointment. You may request an appointment with the doctor of your choice or with a doctor/office with the first available appointment. Occasionally procedures and emergency treatment can be scheduled on the day of the initial visit.

Our office participates with a wide range of insurance companies and it is essential that you bring all of your up to date medical and insurance information. In addition include any referral letters or x-rays provided by your referring doctor as well as a list of all current medications.

A consultation is recommended prior to the actual surgical appointment. The initial visit will include a comprehensive examination, review of your medical history, current medications and any necessary diagnostic x-rays. This systematic, thorough approach will lead us to a diagnosis and finally a discussion with you about our findings. We will review the treatment sequence and description of the procedures involved along with a thorough explanation of the benefits, risks and alternative treatment.